CHMC Conducted Compliance Training on “Mastering the Compliance Requirements of Multi-lateral Development Banks and Comprehensively Violations Resistance”
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Picture 1 Overall View of the Meeting  




Picture 2 Meeting Site of Cambodia Tatay Hydropower Station



Picture 3 Meeting Site of Laos Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station Project



Picture 4 the Lawyer is Training



Picture 5 Meeting Site of Tajikistan Project


Picture 6 CHMC Board Chairman, Mr. Xiao Ping, Delivered a Speech


  On September 28, CHMC conducted compliance training on 'Mastering the compliance requirements of multi-lateral development banks and comprehensively violations resistance'. CHMC Board Chairman, Mr. Xiao Ping,presided over and delivered a speech at the meeting.


  CHMC leadership team members, Mr. Kuang Weiguang, Mr. Wang Weiguo, Mr. Zheng Hansong, Mr. Zheng Tian, Mr. Zhang Faming,Mr. Zhang Yikui, and all staffs in Beijing, as well as nearly 300 staff who were under quarantine due to entry and exit in Laos, Cambodia, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and other projects, took part in the training either at CHMC headquarters or via video conference.


  Mr. Xiao Ping stated that integrity and compliance operation had always been the basic guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of CHMC, and this bottom-line of enterprise development should not be overstepped. To respect and abide by international rules was the fundamental requirement for an enterprise to achieve stable and long-term international operation. CHMC fully recognized the efforts made by multilateral development banks to foster a compliant business environment, and he urged all staff to abide by the highest ethical standards and build a sound and compliant business environment. Mr. Xiao Ping emphasized that CHMC should continuously promote the company's compliance operation, improve the company's international operation level, strengthen the compliance management of foreign-related engineering projects, reduce the risk of violation, and enhance the compliance awareness of all staff.


  CHMC invited Zhang Shuang, a lawyer from Jindu Law Firm with rich experience in dealing with multilateral development bank regulation and compliance system construction, as the keynote speaker of this training. Combining with rich practical experience, from why Chinese enterprises focus on multilateral development Banks, regulation, compliance risk case introduction, analysis and reflection, improve compliance controls and other aspects, Zhang Shuang in detail introduced the multilateral development banks, regulation mechanism, the measures and characteristics of share the related cases, at the same time on the influence of the sanctions for the enterprise. He further analyzed the challenges faced by Chinese enterprises and the measures which could be taken, and put forward suggestions for the construction of the company's compliance system in the future.


  CHMC staff responded enthusiastically to the training.

  Employees attending the meeting said that through the training, they further understood the strict requirements of compliance supervision of multilateral development banks, and they would enhance their compliance awareness, strengthen compliance learning, resolutely resist any forms of violations, and timely consult and report compliance questions and risk signals to the company. After the training, all staff were organized to sign the Letter of Compliance Commitment.


  CHMC has always attached great importance to the compliance management, and has issued a series of compliance systems, including 《CHMC Compliance Management Measures》, 《 Several Provisions on the Clean Operation of CHMC》, and 《 Interim Measures on Commission Management of CHMC》, and a series of compliance systems. CHMC defined that the leading group of public judicial governance construction should undertake the organization, leadership, overall planning and coordination of compliance management, and specified the person in charge of compliance management.


  Recently supported by Jindu Law Firm, CHMC Deputy President, the principal of compliance management, Zheng Tian, CHMC Audit and Legal Department, CHMC Management Department, systematically investigated and analyzed the weak links in compliance management of CHMC, and strengthened the control measures pointedly. During the training, CHMC interpreted the compliance systems such as 《Integrity Compliance Manual》, 《Compliance Guidelines for Bidding Work》, 《FAQ of Compliance Report》, etc., which were recently released or soon to be released, and required all staff to carefully study and understand and strictly abide.