Tatay Hydropower Station Completed the Type C Maintenance for the First Water Turbine Generator in Year 2022
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 Picture 1. Guide Vane Gap Measurement


  Picture 2. Volute Blade Inspection


On January 18, 2022, the Unit 1 Generator of Tatay Hydropower Station completed all maintenance and tests, and returned to its standby state, which marked that the Tape C Maintenance of the 1 Unit Generator had successfully finished.


In this Maintenance, Tatay Hydropower Station implemented the 'Prevention First, Work as Planned ' Policy, adhered to the 'Maintained as Scheduled and Maintained well ' Principle, completed the machinery, electrical and other 9 categories of 230 related equipment and instrumentation inspections, tests and other work, and the replacement of relevant parts.


Prior to the Maintenance, Cambodian Tatay Hydropower Limited (affiliated to CHMC, abbreviated CTHL hereinafter), and the Operational&Maintenance Company, attached great importance to the Maintenance, organized technical personnel to prepare the <Maintenance Plan> in advance. The Maintenance work responsibility were subdivided to each one; safety measures were effectively implemented and improved; engineers were assigned to monitor the work process, to ensure that maintenance work to be pre-controllable, controllable and in control. During the Maintenance, all levels of management personnel kept working at their posts, conscientiously performed their duties, strengthened risk control and professional technical guidance. The inspection personnel strictly implemented the rules and regulations and standardized operation specifications, earnestly implemented the maintenance process. The Maintenance was completed with a high quality under the premise of ensuring safety.


From February 7 on, Tatay Hydropower Station would carry out the Type C Maintenance of the Unit 3 and the Type A Maintenance of the Unit 2 in succession, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the three units before the rainy season.