CHMC Bangladesh Confidence Cement Dhaka LTD Vertical Mill Station Project Officially Came into Effect
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 Picture 1. CHMC Headquarter


On January 25, 2022,CHMC received the letter of credit issued by the owner of the 250t/h Vertical Mill Project of Bangladesh Confidence Cement Dhaka LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Bangladesh Confidence Cement Project), which marked that the Project officially came into effect.


Since the signing of the Contract, CHMC relevant Departments and the Project Team worked actively and closely together, overcoming the impact of the epidemic, overcoming the difficulties, and actively communicated with the owner, solving all kinds of difficulties in the process of the Project's implementation, and successfully realized the effecting of the Project.


CHMC would strictly comply with the requirements of the Contract, and on the basis of epidemic prevention and control, complete the Project design, equipment procurement, installation and commissioning guidance with a high efficiency and quality, strive to create a high-quality project in Bangladesh market, to achieve the 'Regional Rolling Development'.