People's Daily Featured CHMC Adds Impetus to China-Cambodia Cooperation
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 Picture 1. <People's Daily> Featured 'CHMC Adds Impetus to China-Cambodia Cooperation'


On February 28, 2022, the People's Daily published an article titled 'Join Hands to Promote Green Development (One Belt and One Road Cooperation)' in its main news section, which reported the vivid practice and positive results of Chinese enterprises helping the Belt and Road cooperation countries and regions to develop clean energy industry and continuously injecting green power into the local development. This paper reported in detail the construction process of CHMC to deliver green energy to thousands of households and its outstanding contributions to the local economic development in Cambodia.


The article pointed out that over the years, CHMC had been deeply engaged in the countries along the ' One Belt and One Road '. In Cambodia, CHMC had contracted the construction of Tatay Hydropower Station, the extension of the state grid and the expansion of rural power grid, in the form of BOT and EPC, thus realizing the in-depth development of upstream and downstream projects of the whole industrial chain. The paper vividly told the achievements of CHMC following the national strategy of 'Going Out', actively participating in the construction of the 'One Belt and One Road', helping the local social and economic development, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of overseas project contracting business. It fully recognized the positive contributions made by CHMC for promoting the economic and social development of Cambodia, providing green, clean and high-quality energy, and fulfilling the social responsibility of the Chinese corporate for many years.


In recent years, CHMC focused on the high-quality development as the goal, grasped the opportunities of the infrastructure construction and industrial engineering along the 'One Belt and One Road', market opportunity, kept a foothold on both the domestic and international markets,  emphasized the  project general contracting, investment and operation, and trade business as the leading businesses, provided solutions for infrastructure construction in countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, and undertaken projects in Cambodia, Laos, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well as a large number of influential international projects.


(Note: the report had also been followed and forwarded by the mainstream media such as,, Securities Times,, Sina Finance, Tencent, Sohu and NetEase.)