CHMC Bangladesh Ghazipur 400TPH Grinding Station Project Passed the Acceptance
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 Picture 1. Project Site 1


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  Picture 2. Project Site 2


Recently, the Bangladesh Ghazipur 400TPH Cement Grinding Station EP Project contracted by CHMC successfully passed the 24-hour Acceptance Examination organized by the owner, and all indicators were in line with the Contract requirements, meanwhile the electricity and coal consumption were 8% and 54%, below the Contract requirements respectively, significantly better than expected. At this point, the construction work of the Project was fully completed and transferred to the stage of production management.


The Project is located northeast of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. The construction scope includes raw material transportation, storage, batching, milling workshop, packaging workshop and finished product transportation.


During the implementation of the Project, CHMC Project team members strictly protected themselves against the epidemic, tried their best to overcome the difficulties of personnel dispatch and material transfer, and effectively ensured the smooth progress of the installation and commissioning of the Project, which showed the professional quality and responsibility of CHMC staff.


The main machine of this Project was the first one in Bangladesh. After the Project was successfully put into operation, it attracted a large number of Bangladeshi domestic customers from the same industry to visit the site and became a regional demonstration project, which further enhanced the influence of CHMC in the building materials field in Bangladesh and provided support for further development of the Bangladesh market.