CHMC Signed the Cement Grinding Station Project Contract with Bangladesh City Group
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Picture 1. Contract Signing Ceremony 1

 Picture 2. Contract Signing Ceremony 2


On June 21,2022, CHMC and Bangladesh City Group held the video contract signing ceremony of the cement grinding station project. CHMC President, Mrs. Hao Ping, and Chairman and Managing Director of Bangladesh City Group, Mr. Fazlur Rahman, signed the Contract. Managing Shareholder of the German Loesche GmbH Company which was the main engine supplier of the Project, Dr. Thomas Loesche, witnessed the Contract ceremony.


CHMC began to track the Project from 2021. In the face of the grim situation of the continued spread of the epidemic overseas, CHMC Project Team overcame numerous adverse factors to grasp the nettle. In view of the owner's strict requirements for production line configuration and equipment performance, CHMC Project Team carefully planned and fully prepared, and actively carried out several rounds of negotiations with the owner on the technical scheme, scope of supply and business terms. Finally, with excellent professional strength, efficient work and good market reputation, CHMC won the trust of the owners, stood out from many competitors and successfully signed the contract.


On the basis of continuing to normalize epidemic prevention and control, CHMC will actively implement the market development strategy, further strengthen project performance management, and complete the project effectiveness and implementation with a high quality.


Mr. Ma Shan, Manager of The Second Business and Engineering Dept, Mr. Cheng Tingyu and Mr. Wu Guohua, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Hao Yuyun, Technical Director, Mr. Wang Qiang and Mr. Feng Xia from Bangladesh Representative Office, attended the Contract Signing Ceremony in CHMC and Bangladesh respectively.