CHMC East Loop Line (Phase II) Project Won the Award of Contribution to Cambodia-China Friendship
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 Picture 1. Award Granted by EDC


In recognition of the outstanding performance of CHMC Project Team of East Loop Line (Phase II) Project of Cambodia State Grid 230kV Transmission and Transformation Phase II during the epidemic period, EDC(Electricite Du Cambodge) recently granted CHMC ' Award of Contribution to Cambodia-China Friendship '.


The substations covered by the East Loop Line (Phase II) Project are all important hub nodes in Cambodian national grid. After the completion of the Project, the connection of various transmission areas in Cambodia is further strengthened, and the unstable power supply situation in the passing areas is alleviated, which plays an important role in stabilizing the national grid system.


The construction of the Project includes 5 new substations, 9 expanded substations, 85 kilometers of 230kV high-voltage transmission lines and 72 kilometers of 115kV high-voltage transmission lines, covering more than 10 provinces throughout Cambodia. The Project officially started construction in November 2018. During the implementation, CHMC Project Team overcame the impact of the epidemic, worked hard and persevered. Adhering to the concept of safety first and quality first, the Project safety and quality control were strictly implemented. The Project construction work was highly recognized by the owner, which further enhanced the corporate image of CHMC.