CHMC Kyrgyzstan Transformer Supply Project Entered into the Warranty Period
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    Recently, the 2 sets 220kV/250MVA Autotransformers Project for Kyrgyzstan State Grid Company, supplied by CHMC, received the Operation Report signed by the owner, marking that the Project officially entered the Warranty Period.


  The Project was signed and put into effect on March 4, 2021. Although the equipment was affected by the epidemic during transportation, the two transformers were successfully transported to the place designated by the owner through the unremitting efforts of CHMC Project Team. At present, the commissioning of the two transformers had been completed in accordance with the construction specifications and standards, and the relevant work had been highly recognized by the owner.


  The operation of the two transformers would ease the power shortage in Bishkek and Osh, Kyrgyzstan's two major cities, in autumn and winter, and further improve the overall stability of Kyrgyzstan's power grid. The Project successfully entered the Warranty Period and laid a good foundation for CHMC to further develop the market in related fields of Kyrgyzstan.