The Rotors of Unit 2 of CHMC Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station in Laos, were Successfully Hoisted
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Picture 1. Rotors of Unit 2 were Successfully Hoisted


  On September 14, the rotor of the Unit 2 of CHMC Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station in Laos, was successfully hoisted into place, marking the final stage of the installation of the Unit 2, which laid a solid foundation for the Project to be put into operation as soon as possible.


  The rotor of Unit 2 had a diameter of 4734 mm and a total weight of 167 tons, which was difficult to construct. Meanwhile, affected by the epidemic, equipment transportation and personnel approach brought difficulties to the hoisting work. Facing this situation, CHMC, prior to the hoisting operation, carefully organized and coordinated the participating units, conducted scientific deployment, advance development of the hoisting program, and the relevant staff safety technology disclosure. In the hoisting process, the whole operation was in good order. The inspection, alignment, adjustment, hoisting and other procedures were completed in one go, and the accurate hoisting was carried out to the installation position, which had won the unanimous recognition of the owner and the supervision unit.


  Next, CHMC would continue to strictly observe the safety and quality of the Project, and promote the final assembly of No. 2 unit of Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station, contributing to the early completion and operation of the Project.