Mrs. Hao Ping Visited Myanmar Ambassador to China
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Picture 1. Group Photo in the Embassy


  Recently CHMC General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary, Mrs. Hao Ping, was invited to visit Myanmar Ambassador to China,Mr. Tin Maung Swe.


  Mr. Tin Maung Swe extended a warm welcome to Mrs. Hao Ping and the delegation. Mrs. Hao Ping introduced the history, development status and future strategy of CHMC to Mr. Tin Maung Swe, focusing on CHMC's business investment in Myanmar and future business planning. Mrs. Hao Ping said that CHMC, as a project general contracting comprehensive service enterprise operating in Myanmar for more than 20 years, is full of feelings for the country and people of Myanmar, hoping to take root in Myanmar's long-term development and make more contributions to Myanmar's national development and people's well-being.


  Mr. Tin Maung Swe highly affirmed the achievements of CHMC in Myanmar for its completed projects, and hoped that CHMC would continue to complete the existing engineering contracting and trade projects, at the same time, increase investment and development in Myanmar's energy basic industry, actively participate in Myanmar's livelihood projects and infrastructure constructions, and he would provide assistance within his scope for CHMC to carry out business in Myanmar.


  Mr. TAIK MOON, Managing Director of Shwe Pintaya International Co. Ltd., the partner of CHMC in Myanmar, and Head of CHMC Fourth Business Division, attended the meeting.