CHMC Was Awarded ESHS Commendation for Outstanding Contribution by EDC
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Picture 1. Certificate of Appreciation


  Recently, Electricite du Cambodge (EDC) awarded the Certificate of Appreciation to CHMC in recognition of its outstanding contributions to the local environment, safety, health and social responsibility (ESHS) during the construction of power projects in Cambodia.


  CHMC has cooperated with EDC for more than ten years, attaches great importance to the safety production management in the implementation of engineering projects, and achieves the safety goal of zero construction casualties while completing the projects with high quality and efficiency, which has been affirmed and appreciated by EDC. EDC said that in the implementation of the national power project in Cambodia, CHMC not only pays attention to the quality and progress of the projects, but also attaches great importance to environmental protection and safety production management, and actively takes various measures to ensure the safety and environmental protection of the project construction. CHMC also actively performs social responsibilities, pays attention to the safety and health of local employees, strengthens communication and cooperation with the local construction team, and makes positive contributions to the local economic and social development


  CHMC will continue to strengthen the cooperation with EDC, continue to pay attention to environmental protection, safety and health in the construction of the projects, actively fulfill corporate social responsibility, and promote mutual benefit and common development.