The Power Generation of CHMC Tatay Hydropower Station has Exceeded its Designed Capacity for Nine Consecutive Years
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  Picture 1. Reservoir of Tatay Hydropower Station 1


  Picture 2. Reservoir of Tatay Hydropower Station 2


  Picture 3. Guard the Dam Area in Flood Season


  Picture 4. Release Water from the Spillway


  As of 24:00 on October 19, 2023, CHMC Cambodia Tatay Hydropower Station has completed an annual total of 860 million kilowatt of on-grid electricity, 73 days in advance to reach and exceed the design on-grid electricity, exceeding the design capacity for 9 consecutive years. At the same time, the safety situation is stable, the production and operation situation is good.


  In 2023, the flood season is later than in previous years and the floods are concentrated. Affected by the landing of Typhoon No. 5 and Typhoon No. 6 disturbance, the peripheral circulation and the strengthening of southwest monsoon, the continuous heavy rainfall has brought intermittent heavy rainfall in Tatay Basin since July 28, 2023, and the reservoir has been in a state of high-water level for a long time. The main rainfall occurred in the upper and middle of the Basin, and the flood process was a compound peak. The maximum flood peak was about 2300m³/s, and the maximum discharge volume was about 1910m³/s, which was the highest flood peak and the highest discharge volume in history since the construction of Tatay Hydropower Station. As of 9:00am on October 19, totally in 80 days, the cumulative opening and closing of the floodgate was 26 times, the opening and closing of the adjustment of the gate was 139 times, a total of 576 hours, the total abandoned water was about 960 million m³.


  All cadres and staff of Cambodian Tatay Hydropower Limited (a subsidiary of CHMC , hereinafter referred to as 'Tatay Hydropower'), attached great importance to research and judge the rain situation in advance, rationally utilize the operation mode of 'high water level, low water consumption and high efficiency', and adhered to the '24-hour double duty system on the dam' and the '24-hour shift system on the dam during the high water level period' in the flood control front line. The duty personnel in the dam area calculated the actuarial flow, kept an eye on the water level, and timely opened and closed the arc door to ensure that the power station hub continued to maintain high water level operation. The professional and technical personnel of Tatay Hydropower Station and the operation and maintenance personnel of the power plant strictly paid attention to the inspection quality, paid close attention to the important equipment and key parameters, ensured the stable, full and over-generation of the units, and achieved the 'two-win' of the flood control and power generation, providing a strong guarantee for the power generation of Tatay Hydropower beyond the design capacity.


  Tatay Hydropower will continue to strengthen water monitoring and reporting, refine reservoir dispatching, rationally arrange equipment maintenance in the plant, ensure that the equipment status is controllable and controlled, achieve 'safety, more power generation, and efficiency', contributing to the high-quality development of CHMC.