Governor of Cambodia Koh Kong Province Visited Tatay Hydropower Station
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Picture 1. Planting the Tree of Friendship


Picture 2. Tatay Hydropower Station



While producing clean energy, Tatay Hydropower Station which was constructed by CHMC, also actively performed its corporate social responsibility, ensured safe production, protected the ecological environment, and promoted communications and cooperation with local governments and communities. Through continuous ecological restoration and protection, the reservoir area of Tatay Hydropower Station has become a famous 'Green Mountain with Clear Water' in the region. On January 5,2022, Governor of Cambodia Koh Kong Province, Mrs. Phuthong Mithona and other related personnel arrived at Tatay Hydropower Plant and the reservoir area for work research and guidance.


Mr. Zhao Wensheng, Deputy General Manager of Cambodian Tatay Hydropower Limited (a subsidiary of CHMC, hereinafter referred to as Tatay Hydro), introduced the operation of Tatay Hydropower Station and the preparation for the construction of Upper Tatay Hydropower Station, and reported in detail the concept of 'Respecting Culture, Friendly Cooperation, Building image and Green Development', as well as the unremitting investment and action measures in ecological environment protection. Mrs. Phuthong Mithona praised Tatay Hydro for its hard work and excellent achievements. Citing Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's speech, she pointed out: Koh Kong province has an excellent geographical location, rich natural and water resources and huge development potential. She said that since its commercial operation seven years ago, Tatay Hydro had provided Cambodia with an endless supply of clean energy, while at the same time, committed to environmental protection and ecological sustainable development, and protected the clear waters and green mountains of the Tatay River basin. She welcomed CHMC to invest in the construction of the Upper Hydropower project and wished the project to be completed and generated at an early date for the benefit of the Chinese people. After the talks. The delegation also visited the Tatay reservoir area and once again expressed their recognition of Tatay Hydro 's environmental protection work.


Mrs. Phuthong Mithona personally planted an araucaria as a symbol of friendship at the camp of Tatay Hydro. She hoped that more Chinese enterprises, just like CHMC, would invest and develop in the land of Koh Kong Province, and wished the friendship between the Chinese and Cambodian people to last forever.