CHMC the Contract of Bangladesh Cement Hot Blast Stove Equipment Supply Project
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 Picture 1. Contract Signing


Recently, CHMC received the letter of credit of the Cement Hot Blast Stove Equipment Supply Project of AKIJ Cement Co., LTD., Bangladesh, achieving the goal that the Project came into effect immediately after it was signed.


The Project was a key renovation project of AKIJ Cement Co., Ltd. in Bangladesh, and CHMC Project Team had been tracking it since April 2022. In close coordination with the Turkish Regional Center of SINOMACH Heavy Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (Sinomach-HE), and in view of the owner's strict requirements on the connection layout between the new equipment and the old factory, equipment configuration performance and construction period, CHMC Project Team and the owner held many in-depth and detailed consultations and discussions on the technical scheme, scope of supply and business terms, which were fully recognized by the owner, and finally the Project was signed.


The successful signing of this Project marked the new customer breakthrough of CHMC's 'Regional Rolling Development' in Bangladesh. CHMC would take this Project as an opportunity to expand the field of cooperation with AKIJ Cement Co., Ltd., and further deepen the cooperation to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.