Cement Grinding Station Project (Contracted and Constructed by CHMC) of Bangladesh Confidence Cement Ltd, Held the Kick-off Meeting
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The Kick-off Meeting

  Recently, the Grinding Station Project of Bangladesh Confidence Cement Ltd, held the kick-off meeting, and  as the Project design and procurement contractor, CHMM was invited to attend. Due that the confirmed cases of the COVID-19 was increased in Bangladesh, and in order to avoid personnel gathering, the Kick-off Meeting was held in the video-conferencing way. The Meeting was presided over by Mr. Imran Karim, Deputy President of Bangladesh Confidence Cement Ltd, and staffs of CHMC Project Department, participated.  

  In the Meeting, the related principals of the Owner introduced the Project preparation work, including site backfilling, site requisition, electricity license, letter of credit opening, etc. CHMC communicated with the Owner on the Project design preparation, equipment procurement and shipping plan, as well as related issues. The Owner introduced the construction unit of the Project and put forward requirements on the Project construction period.  

  Participants stated that they would strive to overcome the impact of the epidemic, strengthen communication and close cooperation during the Project implementation to ensure that the Project would be conducted as scheduled.