CHMC Cambodia 500kV Power Transmission and Transformation Project (Phnom Penh Section) Formally Started
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Picture 1. Opening Ceremony of the Phnom Penh section


  On August 6, 2021, the commencement ceremony of CHMC Cambodia 500kV Power Transmission and Transformation Project (Phnom Penh Section), was held in the site of Bekchan Substation Expansion Project, which showed that the construction of the Phnom Penh section of the Project began.


  The Contract of Cambodia 500kV Power Transmission and Transformation Project was signed in Year 2018. It consisted of two parts:the first section is from Stung Treng Province of Cambodia to the border of Laos; the second section is in Phnom Penh. The construction of the first section had been completed in Year 2020 and successfully put into operation. The Phnom Penh section consisted of the construction of the EPP - Bekchan line and the substation extension in Phnom Penh. CHMC Project Department had finished the construction preparations, such as technical exchange, route and geological survey, drawing review and material procurement, and the conditions for the full-scale construction were available.


  When the Project officially begins, CHMC Project Department shall strictly comply with the deployment and requirements of CHMC headquarters, strive to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and actively carry out project implementation, so as to achieve both the epidemic prevention and construction; CHMC Project Department shall insist on the goal-oriented work method, master the overall progress of the Project, strictly control the key points and processes in the implementation, set high standards and strict requirements for safety and quality control, and fully achieve the expected indicators of the Project.