Equipment Supply Project Contract Between CHMC and Turkey Medcem Came Into Force
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Picture 1 CHMC Headquarter


  Recently CHMC received the L/C and advance payment of the Procurement Contract for Raw materials and Raw Coal Treatment Equipment of Daily 9000 ton Clinker Cement Production Line, from Turkey Medcem Mining and Construction Materials Industrial Trading Company(SUPPLY OF APRON FEEDER, CRUSHER, STACKER/TRIPPER CAR AND RECLAIMER FOR MEDCEM In MERSIN, TURKEY), which marked that the Contract came into force.


  Turkey Medcem Cement Plant Equipment Supply Project was the first building materials project carried out by CHMC in Turkey. Since the signing of the Project on July 1, 2021, CHMC relevant Departments and Project Team actively worked and advanced steadily, and the Project was 'signed in that year and effective in that year'. CHMC Project Team would strictly in accordance with the requirements of the Contract, on the basis of epidemic prevention and control, complete the equipment procurement, installation and commissioning guidance and other implementation work, with high quality.