Tatay Hydropower Station Overfulfilled the Power Generation Task for Seven Consecutive Years
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Picture 1 Reservoir and Dam of Cambodia Tatay Hydropower Station



Picture 2 Equipment Check in the Power Plant




Picture 3 Check the Water Pump in the Power Plant 



Picture 4 Check the Cable Reel



Picture 5 Change a Transformer in the Power Plant


  Till 24:00, September 23, 2021, CHMC Cambodian Tatay Hydropower Station achieved the power generation of 850 million kW.h, which 99 days in advance reached and exceeded the designed annual power generation of the power station, and overfulfilled the generation task for seven consecutive years. The total production safety period was accumulated to be 2,599 days.


  Compared with the thermal power generation, Tatay Hydropower Station at the same generation, reduced 390,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in Year 2021.

  Since being put into operation, Tatay Hydropower Station had reduced the carbon dioxide emissions by 3.93 million tons, achieved significant environmental protection and social benefits, and played an important role in Cambodia's economic development and improvement of people's livelihood. This is a vivid practice of CHMC to help achieve the goal of 'carbon peak and carbon neutrality' and actively implement the ' Two stages of carbon emission reduction ' strategy.


  Took the Initiative, Spared no Effort to Improve the Operation and Maintenance Level of the Power Station.

  Since entering the flood season, the single continuous operation time of the three generator units was more than 1200 hours, and each generator unit had achieved efficient operation for 24 hours, which greatly tested the operation and maintenance level of the Power Station.


  It takes a good blacksmith to make good steel. In order to ensure the stable operation of the units at full load in the main flood season, Tatay Hydropower Station carried out a special action to 'improve the operation and maintenance level of the Power Station' in 2021. Combining with incoming water supply and water level control, it implemented the  dynamic maintenance management of the Power Station, strived for the most reasonable and favorable equipment maintenance arrangement, and avoided power loss due to unreasonable maintenance plan.


  Prior to the flood season, all staffs overcame the impact of the epidemic, took the initiative to give up their vacation, carefully organized, and won the 'critical battle' of maintenance with a high sense of responsibility, to ensure the health level of power generation equipment, and the performance of power generation equipment was improved year by year.


  Up to now, in 2021, the equipment operation parameters and performance indicators were good, the integrity rate of the main equipment and auxiliary equipment was 100%, and the equipment elimination rate was 100%, which ensured the optimal output condition of the unit, exerted the maximum power generation efficiency of the unit, and provided a reliable foundation for the safe and stable operation.


  Actively Coordinated, Strived to Generate more Electricity

  Since 2021, according to the working mechanism of 'annual planning, monthly consultation, weekly rolling and daily tracking', Tatay Hydropower Station had decomposed and implemented the power generation tasks month by month to complete the annual power generation tasks, continuously carried out the rolling analysis of market supply and demand situation and power generation operation mode, and coordinated and arranged the optimal operation mode.


  Through continuous coordination with Electricité du Cambodge (EDC), the water level of the reservoir area was reduced to the maximum before the rainy season, ensuring that the maintenance work was carried out normally at the safe water level, reducing the risk during the maintenance, and reserving sufficient storage capacity for incoming water in the rainy season.


  At the same time, the principal of Cambodian Tatay Hydropower Station actively coordinated with multi-parties, strived for more power generation, strengthened water level control, timely adjusted the power generation plan, and effectively ensured a new breakthrough in power generation.


  Work Together for the Green Development

  The highest excellence is like that of water. The ever-flowing Tatay River contains an inexhaustible energy.


  While making every effort to improve the operation and management capacity, Tatay Hydropower Station, at the same time, practically fulfilled its social responsibility and sought green development with Cambodia. Under the requirement of accelerating the realization of the ' two-stage carbon reduction targets ', Tatay Hydropower Station actively promoted the implementation of the Up-Tatay Hydropower Project to help Cambodia achieve the development goals of energy conservation and emission reduction and boost the vigorous development of Cambodia's economy.