CHMC Signed the Bangladesh Non-woven Production Line Project Contract
2022-01-27  Source:  [Big] [Middle] [Small]

Picture 1. The Signing Site of the Non-woven Production Line Project Contract


Recently, CHMC and Bangladesh AMAN Cement Plant signed a non-woven production line EP Project Contract.


The signing of this Contract was another important breakthrough for CHMC to make full use of its important advantages in Bangladesh market, deeply cultivate the market, implement the 'Regional Rolling' development strategy in the emerging field. It was also the third project contract signed by CHMC in Bangladesh market in 2021.


CHMC Bangladesh Market Development overcame difficulties such as overseas epidemic raging, strictly enforced personal protections, adhered to the 'on one hand did well in the epidemic prevention and control, and on the other hand did well in the project development and implementation'. While coordinating the on-site epidemic prevention and control, production safety, construction schedule and quality management, CHMC Project Department actively communicated with the owner, closely followed the diversified development plan of the owner, deeply understood the needs of the owner, meticulously organized and made solid progress, and finally achieved the successful signing of the Project Contract.