Cambodian Tatay Hydropower Limited Received the Best Generation Efficiency, Safe Operation and 2021 Generation Excellence Award
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Picture 1. The Awarding Ceremony


Picture 2. Certificate of Merit


On December 10, 2021, to commend CHMC Cambodian Tatay Hydropower Limited (abbreviated as Tatay Hydro hereinafter) for its outstanding contribution to Cambodia's national power supply in 2021 by maintaining a high level of power generation efficiency and safe operation over the past seven years, H.E. Keo Rottanak, Minister Attached to the Prime Minister, Managing Director of EDC, signed and awarded the 'Best Power Generation Efficiency, Safe Operation and 2021 Power Generation Excellence Award' to Tatay Hydro at the site.


H.E. Keo Rottanak expressed his gratitude for the hard work of all employees of Tatay Hydro, fully affirmed the operation and maintenance capabilities of Tatay Hydro. He showed his high appreciation for the safe production of Tatay Hydro for seven years with zero accident, and zero case in epidemic prevention and control for the past two years. He said that Tatay Hydro’s achievements above was ' Really Valuable'. H.E. Keo Rottanak hoped that Tatay Hydro would continue to maintain efficient power generation, and wished that the Upper Tatay Hydropower Station Project would be completed and put into operation as soon as possible.


Tatay Hydro has achieved seven consecutive years of net online power exceeding the designed power generation, with a cumulative power generation of nearly 7 billion kW·h, has provided Cambodia with abundant clean energy and actively contributed to the social and economic development of Cambodia.