CHMC Won the 2021 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award (the Second Prize)
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Picture 1. Certificate of Merit


Picture 2. The Project Site of Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station in Laos


On November 9, 2021, the China Machinery Industry Federation announced the list of 2021 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award winners. The Project 'Research on Engineering Characteristics of Southeast Asia Carbonite Slate and Surrounding Rock Stability and Safety Control Technology' participated by CHMC, won the Second Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award.


The research relies on CHMC Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station in Laos. The Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station is a key project of 'Belt and Road' Initiative and 'China-Laos Economic Corridor'. The length of diversion tunnel is 16.5km, and the total length of exposed carbonaceous slate is 4.1km, accounting for 25% of the total length of the tunnel. Such a large-scale tunnel through carbonaceous slate is very rare, and the risk of engineering disaster in the construction process directly threatens the safety of the engineering and has a great influence.


To solve the carbonaceous slate series of technical problems in the construction of the tunnel, CHMC made through by advanced geological surveying and mapping technology, water quality tests, drilling, in site deformation test, carbonaceous slate aging characteristic test, field large lining prototype observation experiment, numerical simulation analysis, etc., formed complete sets of technology, to ensure the local energy security, promote the environmental protection, played a positive role to further promote China-Laos practical cooperation.


The research achievements have been successfully applied to Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station in Laos, saving more than ten million US dollars of the project investment. The project achievements have been promoted and applied in the transmission and transformation line in China-Laos railway, and in a number of power transmission and transformation lines in Laos and Cambodia. The overall achievements have reached the leading level in China after evaluation, significantly improving the technological innovation level of soft rock tunnel construction.


The China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award is jointly sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation and China Mechanical Engineering Society. It is awarded to individuals or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to promoting scientific and technological progress and economic and social development. The award is the highest honor for scientific and technological achievements in the machinery industry.