CHMC Signed the Contract of Indonesia Wet Zinc Smelter Project
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On April 19, 2022, CHMC and Indonesia KLM Company signed the turnkey Contract for the Procurement and Construction of the Wet Zinc Smelter Project with an annual output of 40,000 tons, and realized 'Effective upon Signing'. CHMC President Mrs. Hao Ping and Indonesia KLM Company President Chandra respectively in Beijing and Jakarta to attend the signing ceremony, and CHMC President Assistant Mr. Zhao Wenlong signed the Contract on behalf of CHMC. When completed, the Project will be Indonesia's first zinc smelter, helping to reduce its dependence on imports and increase the use of its zinc products.


CHMC Project Team had carried out project tracking since the beginning of 2020, and completed site inspection. After several rounds of technical and business negotiations, the Contract was finally signed. Next, CHMC Project Team will focus on implementation to ensure that the zinc smelter is up and running on time. The signing of this Project marks a new breakthrough for CHMC in the field of non-ferrous smelting in countries along the Belt and Road.


The Manager of the Fourth Business and Engineering Dept of CHMC and related Project personnel attended the signing ceremony in both places.