CHMC Signed the Contract of Nigeria Edible Oil Project
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 Picture 1. Contract Signing Ceremony 1

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  Picture 2. Contract Signing Ceremony 2

On May 9, 2022, CHMC via video signed the Contract with Nigeria's LEBRUNI AGRO LTD to design and supply production lines for processing 500 tons of soybean and 300 tons of palm kernel oil per day. Mr. Ma Shan, General Manager of the Second Business Unit of CHMC, and Mr. Mohamad Saade, President of LEBRUNI AGRO LTD of Nigeria, signed the Project Contract in Beijing and Lagos respectively.


CHMC Project Team began to track the project since April 2021. Considering the owner's strict requirements for production line configuration and equipment performance, CHMC Project Team carefully planned, organized and fully prepared, and carried out in-depth and detailed consultation and discussion with the owner on the technical scheme, scope of supply and business terms. In 2022, CHMC Project Team and the newly established Sinomach-HE Turkey Regional Center closely coordinated. Through the risk analysis, cost control, scheme optimization, finally CHMC signed the Project Contract.


The Signing of this Project marked that CHMC successfully achieved a breakthrough in the new country market and new areas of the project in Africa, which created conditions for CHMC and Sinomach-HE to further develop the African market.