CHMC Signed the Equipment Supply Contract of Yunnan Natatorium Construction Project
2023-01-30  Source:  [Big] [Middle] [Small]



Picture 1. Construction Site of the Project


  Recently, CHMC signed a general contract for the procurement of mechanical and electrical equipment as well as materials for the Natatorium Construction Project for Lijiang of Yunnan Plateau Sports Training Base. The Contract covers the supply and service of the water circulation system, air source heat pump system, disinfection equipment, sewage treatment system, HVAC equipment and materials.


  Over the years, CHMC seriously implements the new development concept, actively integrates into the domestic and international double cycle of mutual promotion of the new development pattern. In the continuous development of overseas project contracting business, CHMC at the same time, deeply cultivates the domestic railway, port, water and other traditional fields, actively increases the market development. Since 2020, after winning the bid for 4 water projects, CHMC again signed the supply Contract for the Natatorium Construction Project of Lijiang Base.