CHMC President, Deputy Party Secretary, Mrs. Hao Ping, Visited Lao Ambassador in China, Mrs. Khamphao Ernthavanh
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Picture 1. Meeting in Lao Embassy in China


  On August 19, 2022, CHMC President, Deputy Party Secretary, Mrs. Hao Ping, went to Lao Embassy in China, visited Lao Ambassador to China, Mrs. Khamphao Ernthavanh. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on the market development, projects implementation of CHMC in Laos and future cooperation directions.


  Mrs. Khamphao Ernthavanh showed her welcome to Mrs. Hao Ping. She expressed that Laos-china friendship had a long history and the two countries had conducted close cooperation in economic, scientific, technological and cultural fields, and CHMC had been actively participating in the national construction of Laos for many years and had made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Laos. The Lao government expects more high-quality Chinese enterprises, same as CHMC to participate in the construction and investment in Laos.


  Mrs. Hao Ping expressed her appreciation to Mrs. Khamphao Ernthavanh for the meeting and her high evaluation of CHMC, and introduced the basic situation of CHMC and its projects implementation in Laos. Mrs. Hao Ping said that CHMC had been actively implementing the 'One Belt, One Road' Initiative for many years and had participated in the construction of several large-scale engineering projects in Laos. Through good cooperation, CHMC had established a high degree of mutual trust and profound friendship with relevant authorities and local partners in Laos, and CHMC hoped to take this opportunity to further deepen cooperation with Laos and take an active part in its national construction so as to achieve more fruitful results and contribute to the development of Laos.


  Economic and Commercial Counselor of Lao Embassy in China, Mr. Khouanchay lemsouthl, and the First Secretary and the Second Secretary of Lao Embassy in China, Deputy General Manager of the First Business Unit of CHMC, Mrs. Fan Zhongjie, accompanied the meeting.