125 Days in Advance, Cambodia Tatay Hydropower Station has Exceeded its Power Generation Plan for Eight Consecutive Years
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Picture 1. High Water Level of the Reservoir 


Picture 2. Routine Inspection to Generation Units


Picture 3. Closely Observe the Water Level of the Reservoir



Picture 4. Monitor the Water Conditions in the Downstream at the Rainy Night.


  On September 1,2022, Cambodia  Tatay Hydropower Station(invested and operated by CHMC), achieved 850 million KWH of on-grid electricity, 125 days ahead of schedule and exceeding the designed power generation, excessing the annual power generation plan for eight consecutive years.


  Cambodian Tatay Hydropower Limited (hereinafter referred to as Tatay Hydro), a subsidiary of CHMC, earnestly implemented the safety production management system and strictly observed the bottom line of safety. By September 1, 2022, Tatay Hydro had been operating safely for a total of 2,492 days. In 2022, Tatay Hydro earnestly completed the A-level overhaul of Unit 2, improving the safety and reliability of the generator and auxiliary equipment. The honest, professional, enthusiastic and efficient working attitude of Tatay Hydro had won high praise and full trust from Electricite du Cambodge(EDC), and won wide praise from all walks of life in Cambodia and sustained attention from Chinese and Cambodian media.