Cambodia Tatay Hydropower Station was Selected as' Sustainable Infrastructure Project Outside China 'in Year 2022
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Picture 1. Overview of Reservoir of Tatay Hydro


Picture 2. Water Spilling of Tatay Hydro


  On November 19, 2022, China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) issued the name list of the Sustainable Infrastructure Project Outside China 'in Year 2022, Cambodia Tatay Hydropower Station Project invested, constructed and operated by CHMC, was successfully chosen.


  The successful selection of Cambodia Tatay Hydropower Station Project fully demonstrates the image of CHMC actively fulfilling its social responsibility, helps CHMC further build the strategic path of related business development under the background of 'Dual Carbon Economy', promotes the enterprise to move forward to the direction of green, digital and intelligent, and strives to achieve the development goal of 'Dual Carbon' industry, further strengthen the sustainable and healthy development foundation of CHMC.


  Since Year 2017, CHINCA launched a campaign to select 'Sustainable Infrastructure Projects Outside China'. In Year 2022, a total of 28 overseas projects were selected for the 'Sustainable Infrastructure Projects Outside China' (Phase III). The selected projects have become the benchmark and model for the foreign contracting engineering industry to practice the concept of sustainable infrastructure.