CHMC Won the Bidding of Equipment Procurement Project in the National Economic and Technological Development Zone
2023-04-20  Source:  [Big] [Middle] [Small]

Picture 1. CHMC Headquarter


Recently, CHMC won the bidding of Water Intake Pump House Equipment Procurement Project of Guangxi - ASEAN Economic Development Zone. This Project is a new achievement after CHMC won several water projects in 2020, which provided a support for the construction of National Economic and Technological Development Zone.


Over the years, CHMC seriously implemented the new development concept, actively integrated into the domestic and international double cycle of mutual promotion of the new development pattern, in the continuous development of overseas project contracting business. At the same time, CHMC focused on the traditional domestic market, actively participated in the project equipment procurement bidding and the market development work, constantly made new breakthroughs.


CHMC would adhere to the concept of 'creating value for customers', and do a good job in the follow-up project implementation.