CHMC Signed Kyrgyzstan Equipment Supply Contract
2023-04-20  Source:  [Big] [Middle] [Small]

Picture 1. CHMC Headquarter


Recently, CHMC signed a contract to supply road construction machinery and equipment with Kyrgyzstan Vehicle Company, a state-owned enterprise of the Kyrgyzstan. The Project includes the installation and commissioning of 5 asphalt production lines, 5 concrete production lines, and the installation and commissioning of 10 gravel production lines.


This is a new breakthrough achieved by CHMC in the field of road construction machinery in Kyrgyzstan after winning the bidding of transformer and other equipment supply projects in 2021 and 2022, which lays a good foundation for promoting the "regional rolling" development of the central Asian market.


CHMC would take this Project as a new opportunity, while continuing to do a good work in the execution of the Project, continue to actively participate in the equipment procurement project bidding in Kyrgyzstan, make efforts to expand the scope of cooperation with customers, deepen cooperation, and constantly improve the corporate influence, to lay a solid foundation for deep cultivation and expansion of business in Kyrgyzstan.