The Annual Generator Unit Maintenance Task of Tatay Hydropower Station Has Been Successfully Completed
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 Picture 1. Inspection of Volute and Movable Guide Vane


Picture 2. Check Upper Guide Tile and Pumping Tile


   Picture 3. Replace the Push-tile Temperature Probe


Picture 4. Carry Out the Electrical Preventive Test



Picture 5. Unit 3 is Started Operation and Connected to the Grid


At 16:58 PM on March 27 ,2023, local time, the No. 3 Generation Unit of Cambodia Tatay Hydropower Station (invested and operated by CHMC), was completed and connected to the grid successfully, marking the successful completion of the Unit overhaul task in Year 2023.


This annual maintenance task mainly involves Class C Maintenance of Unit 1 and Unit 3, Class D Maintenance of Unit 2, as well as the electrical preventive test for the whole electrical equipment in the Station. The maintenance period is 40 days in total.


In order to improve the steady level, stable operation capacity of the Units, and ensure the quality of the overhaul, Tatay Hydropower Station carefully organized, planned in advance, and made full use of the dry season and no-rain period to carry out the overhaul work. Before the overhaul, Tatay Hydropower Station put forward strict requirements on safety, quality and technology, comprehensively checked the list of overhaul items, made clear the state of inspection equipment before the overhaul, and carefully do all the preparatory work. The maintenance process was stipulated according to the 'Hydropower Station Equipment Maintenance Management Guidelines' provisions, with a high standard implementation of maintenance node control, upholding the rigorous, meticulous, pragmatic work style, the safety, quality, progress throughout the whole process of maintenance work. The acceptance was strictly implemented with the three-level acceptance systems, controlling the quality of maintenance.


The maintenance work adheres to the principle: 'repair all the necessary and repair well', and all personnel cooperated in the work closely. A total of 471 standard items had been completed, and 2 technical upgrading items of the relay protection devices and monitoring system of the three Units has been finished.


At present, all indicators and parameters of the three Units are stable and normal, and the health level of the equipment has been comprehensively improved, which lays a solid foundation for the safe operation of the power station in 2023 and large-scale power generation in the rainy season.