Tatay Hydropower Was Honorably Rewarded “Year 2022 Certificate of Appreciation” By EDC
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Picture 1. Year 2022 Certificate of Appreciation


  Recently, to praise Cambodian Tatay Hydropower Limited (invested and operated by CHMC, abbreviated as Tatay Hydropower hereinafter), for its guarantee the supply of clean and high-quality power and energy, actively fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, and making outstanding contributions to Cambodia's economic and social development for many years, H.E Keo Rottanak, Minister Attached to the Prime Minister, Managing Director of Electricité Du Cambodge (abbreviated as EDC hereinafter), awarded “Year 2022 Certificate of Appreciation” to Cambodian Tatay Hydropower Station for its outstanding performance in Year 2022.


  In Year 2022, Tatay Hydropower solidly completed the unit overhaul and maintenance, seized the favorable opportunity of abundant rain, actively sought for more power generation load, “Ensure Safety, Generate More Power, and Increase Benefit”, achieved the highest sales of electricity in history, and exceeded the power generation task for 8 consecutive years.