CHMC Was Honored the Preferred Employer of China in Year 2022 by Zhilian Zhaopin
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Picture 1.  China Preferred Employer of the Year 2022


  Recently, CHMC was honored the Preferred Employer of China in Year 2022 by Zhilian Zhaopin.


  The 'China's Best Employer of the Year' selection campaign, co-sponsored by and Social Survey Research Center of Peking University, has been held for 18 consecutive years, aiming to discover the industry trend of enterprise management and human resource management as well as China's employer brand benchmark enterprises through professional and scientific investigation and selection from an independent and objective standpoint, at the same time, provide job seekers with an effective reference of 'Good Employers' and 'Good Jobs' to achieve a 'Win-win' between employers and employees.


  Talent is the source of sustainable development of the company. CHMC constantly improves the rules and regulations of talent recruitment, talent training, talent incentives etc., and continues to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise. In the future, CHMC will, as always, attaches importance to the construction and improvement of the talent echelon, provides a channel for the career growth of talents and a platform for the realization of value, and commits to making every employee happy and successful in life, to realize the common development of enterprises and individuals.