The Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan Visited CHMC
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Picture 1. Meeting with Guests


Picture 1. Mr. Xiao Ping Talked with Counselor


  On May 9,2023, the Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in China, Mr. Dharamadava Zhusubali Gilgisbayevich, arrived at CHMC for an exchange visit.


  Mr. Xiao Ping, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of CHMC, extended a warm welcome to Mr. Dharamadava for his visit. Mr. Xiao Ping introduced the history, business fields and market layout of CHMC to Dharamadava, and expressed his gratitude to Dharamadava for the rapid development of CHMC's business in Kyrgyzstan. Mr. Xiao Ping said, CHMC has identified Kyrgyzstan as a key country market, and will further expand its business areas in Kyrgyzstan to help Kyrgyzstan's economic development, and hopes to continue to receive support and help from the Embassy.


  Mr. Dharamadava said that he was very happy to come to CHMC to carry out the exchange visit. He appreciated the business capabilities of CHMC and its major attention to the Kyrgyz market, and hoped to carry out all-round in-depth cooperation with CHMC through this exchange to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results


  Mr. Zheng Hansong, Deputy Chairman and Deputy President of CHMC, and Head of the Seventh Business Division of CHMC,  attended the meeting.