Tanzanian Minister of Energy and Ambassador to China visited CHMC
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Picture 1. Introduction of CHMC



Picture 2. Group Photo for Welcome



Picture 3. Guest Speaking



Picture 4. Mrs. Hao Ping Speaking


  On June 18, 2023,Tanzanian Minister of Energy Mr.Yusuf Makamba and Tanzanian Ambassador to China Mr.Mbelwa Kairuki visited CHMC for business exchanges.


  Mrs. Hao Ping, President and Deputy Party Secretary of CHMC, extended a warm welcome to the Tanzanian delegation. Mrs. Hao Ping said that CHMC attached great importance to the Tanzanian market, and introduced CHMC's business areas and market layout to the delegation in detail.


  Mr. Makamba expressed the hope to carry out practical cooperation with CHMC to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and introduced the relevant projects.


  The two sides had in-depth communication and defined the direction of work and measures for the next step. Mrs. Hao Ping said that CHMC would form a professional team to dock with the Tanzanian side and fully promote the implementation of relevant work.

  CHMC CMIC President Mr. Zhang Qingdong, Deputy President Mr. Li Guangyin, CHMC Cambodia Branch and other relevant Departments attended the meeting.