Mr. Xiao Ping Met with Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan,Mr. Akylbek Japarov
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On January 11, 2024, Mr. Xiao Ping, Chairman of CHMC, paid a visit to Mr. Akylbek Japarov, Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, at the Prime Minister's Office in Bishkek.

Mr. Xiao Ping introduced to Mr. Akylbek Japarov the development history, business areas and market layout of CHMC, focused on the progress of CHMC's implementation projects in Kyrgyzstan, and thanked the Kyrgyzstan government for its support to CHMC's business in Kyrgyzstan.

Mr. Akylbek Japarov thanked CHMC for its positive contribution to the social and economic development of Kyrgyzstan and hoped that CHMC would continue to strengthen its market development efforts and contribute more to the continuous deepening of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.The two sides also had extensive and in-depth exchanges on further strengthening cooperation.

Temirbekov Meder Abdykayirovich, President of the National Development Bank of Kyrgyzstan, attended the meeting.

During his visit to Kyrgyzstan, Mr. Xiao Ping also met with Kyrgyzstan Minister of Economy and Commerce DANIIAR AMANGELDIEV and Minister of Energy Taalaibek Ibraev respectively, and had in-depth exchanges on related projects.

Mr. Zheng Hansong, Vice Chairman and Vice President of CHMC, and head of CHMC Seventh Business Division, attended the meeting.