CHMC Laos Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station Successfully Impounded the Sluice to Store Water
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At 10:00, local time, on February 1, 2024, as the gate of the bottom hole of the dam diversion slowly fell, Laos Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station constructed by CHMC, officially lowered the gate to store water.

The water storage ceremony was held at the viewing platform of the dam area of the Project. Bounhom Thepthany, President of the National Assembly of the Lao Xieng Khouang Province, Boua Nguen, Vice Governor of the Lao Xieng Khouang Province, Chanthaboun Soukaloun, President of Electricite du Laos (EDL), and Han Ye, Secretary of the first Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Laos, attended the ceremony. More than 160 people, including the Lao Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Lao Ministry of Environment and Resources, Lao mainstream media and the project participation units, attended the ceremony.

CHMC President, Mrs. Hao Ping, representing the general contractor of the Project, delivered a speech at the ceremony, expressing her gratitude to the local government and Electricite du Laos (EDL) and other relevant institutions for their strong support to CHMC. She said that since the start of Laos Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station Project, CHMC always adhered to the performance of the contract first, quality first, actively responded to the high-quality co-construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative, deeply integrated into the construction of the "China-Laos Economic Corridor", and went all out to build Laos Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station Project into the "Belt and Road" benchmark project for the benefit of thousands of families in Laos. In the future, CHMC will continue to seriously promote the project construction work to ensure the quality of the project as well as its completion as scheduled.

Mr. Chanthaboun Soukaloun extended warm congratulations on the successful water storage of Laos Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station, and highly praised the professional level and professionalism demonstrated by CHMC in the process of Project implementation. He said that Laos Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station Project has an important strategic significance for the development of the country's power system. After the completion of the Project, it will play a great role in eradicating poverty, improving people's livelihood and contributing to the economic and social development of Laos.

Boua Nguen said that in the process of construction of the Project, it has promoted local employment, solved problems such as resettlement of immigrants, and brought many benefits to the lives of local people, and hopes the Project will be completed and put into operation as soon as possible to further benefit local residents.

The successful impounding of the sluice marks a significant progress in the construction of Laos Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Station Project, laying a solid foundation for the completion and the commissioning of the Project in July 2024.

Mr. Zhou Renfei, President Assistant of CHMC, and General Manager of CHMC First Business Division, as well as relevant personnel of the Project Department, attended the ceremony.