CHMC Signed the New Roof Photovoltaic BOT Project Contract with Beijing Stomatological Hospital
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On February 6,2024, Mr. Xiao Ping, Chairman of CHMC, and Mr. Ding Xiaowei, Leader of Beijing Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, signed a contract for the roof photovoltaic BOT Project of the new district of Beijing Stomatological Hospital in the Hospital. The Project is invested and constructed by CHMC, and the operation period is 20 years.

The Project is located in the new district of Huaxiang, Beijing Stomatological Hospital. It adopts the construction form of "distributed photovoltaic" and the grid-connected mode of "self-use, surplus electricity online" to transform the roof resources into social and economic benefits, and the main building is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The Project can reduce the hospital's dependence on traditional power, ease the power shortage during peak times, and will become the first benchmark demonstration project using clean energy in Beijing's large third-class hospitals after completion.

The signing of the Project contract marks a new breakthrough in the investment and construction of CHMC in the domestic new energy field, which is a vivid practice of CHMC actively implementing the "double carbon" policy and deeply participating in the implementation of the national "14th Five-Year Plan", and will contribute to the construction of a green and low-carbon circular economy system under the new development pattern.

Other members of the leadership team of Beijing Stomatological Hospital, and Mr. Zheng Hansong, Vice Chairman and Deputy President of CHMC, attended the signing ceremony. CHMC Investment and Financing Management Department, the head of the Eighth Business Division and related personnel, attended the ceremony.